Ingrid Andress – “Waste of Lime”

Among a new class of powerhouse singer/songwriters, Ingrid Andress rides the success of “More Hearts Than Mine” and her debut LP, Lady Like. New song “Waste of Lime” is an unexpected treat, a slice of margaritaville worthy of Jimmy Buffett.

Still adhering to her quirky songwriting style, the country breakout interpolates the hook of Beach Boys’ 1988 hit “Kokomo.” It’s never too much, but just enough citrus snap. “Left me and this tequila high and dry / No drunk pickup lines,” she drowns her sorrows in another drink. “No ‘Your place or mine?’ / You’re just a waste of lime.”

Then, the breezy summer melody we all know crashes in: “Bermuda, Bahama, guess I’m never gonna / Meet your mama or brother, nothin’ left to do…”

Listen to “Waste of Lime” below.

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