Avenue Beat – “Fuck 2020”

“Can we just get to 2021, please?” pop trio Avenue Beat spits thorny truth. Their breakout hit “Fuck 2020” became an instant viral smash via TikTok, of course, netting several million views. TikTok deleted the original video, because apparently “fuck” is too much. Soon after, it dropped to streaming and has proven to be the song that perfectly captures the angst and anger over 2020.

“Low-key, fuck 2020,” the band ─ of Sami Bearden, Savana Santos, and Sam Backoff ─ don’t mince their words or intent. “Still sad, still aint’ got no money / I ain’t got a watch upon my wrist / I just got some shit I gotta fix.” Yup, same.

Listen to “Fuck 2020” below.

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