Kelsy Karter – “Stick to Your Guns”

There are few new artists as electric as Kelsy Karter. Since the release of 2018’s “Too Many Hearts to Break,” she has unleashed knockout punches left and right. “Stick to Your Guns” is no exception and further highlights her thrilling combination of soul, rock, and ‘60s bop. Her voice, too, tingles the senses as she offers up a hearty moment of sheer empowerment.

“They’ll try to change you from the outside in,” she warns over ivories. The song begins as a brooding piano ballad but escalates, quite ferociously, into a classic rock howler. “You weren’t born to ever fit in, so stick to your guns,” she coos. Her words shoot across the sky like flairs. Heed her advice.

Listen to “Stick to Your Guns” below.

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