Brett Eldredge – “When I Die”

Like where has this guy been?! It appeared he’d fallen completely off the radar. Fortunately for us, he roars back with arguably his best album of his career. Sunday Drive is a doozy, and songs like “When I Die” are exquisite examples of the best of mainstream country music. It’s expressive. It’s drenched in his soulful timbre, reedy and thick, like blades of grass. It’ll truly move your soul.

“Don’t lay me down in a bed of dirt / Shoot me off in a bottle rocket in the sky,” he bares his heart with unfiltered honesty and passion, something we all could use these days. “So that when I’m gone / There won’t be no second guessin’ / ‘Bout the damn good life I lived when I die.” Well, how about that for a soul-crushing performance.

Listen to “When I Die” below.

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