Single Reviews

Kären McCormick – “Retro”

Kären McCormick radiates colorful smoke. There’s an innate raspiness to her voice, and nuanced embroidery sprouts along its edges. Case in point: her new single “Retro,” a slinky, side-pocket groove that’s well-fit for late-evening drives along the coast right at dusk.

“Baby, let’s take it back / Rewind like an old 8-track,” she sings. She spins a romance back to the good ole days when love and connections were real and irreplaceable. “Let’s go retro,” she coos through vinyl static. Even the song’s exterior feels vintage, and McCormick zips along the melody with an easy pace. She lets the lyrics soak into the production, an ambience that’s undeniably intoxicating.

Listen to “Retro” below.

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