Brandon Colbein – “I.D.C.A.L.”

One of pop’s more fascinating songwriters, Brandon Colbein flexes his muscles with the hooky “I.D.C.A.L.,” an acronym for “I don’t care about love.” His pen is razor sharp, and his voice is even sharper, sliding up into his falsetto like a searing brand. “If you can’t earn back trust, I’ll be packing up your stuff,” he sings.

He’s been broken, left to scramble to glue his heart back together, but he draws a clear line in the sand. “If I can’t have your trust, I don’t care about love,” he concedes the relationship has reached a point of no return. He basks in the emotions pouring out of him but makes sure he doesn’t fall for old habits.

Listen to “I.D.C.A.L.” below.

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