Single Reviews

Ava Max – “Who’s Laughing Now”

Ava Max has gotta be one of the most consistent artists of our generation. She has yet to release a proper studio album, but her single output is almost unmatched. “Who’s Laughing Now” is no exception; in fact, one could argue it’s the perfectly tuned pop track, culling her knack for big hooks, empowerment, and acute songwriting style into one song.

“So lonely in your bed / Does breaking me make you feel good?” she prods. For the record, she’s not exactly in her ex’s bed anymore. She’s actually harkening back to the toxic relationship and the inescapable coldness coming from what should have been unconditional support. Enough time has passed, though, and now, she can speak clearly and succinctly. “Guess you don’t understand / What goes around comes around,” she sings.

Listen to “Who’s Laughing Now” below.

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