Daniel Donato – “Diamond in the Rough”

Everyone better keep an eye on Daniel Donato. Self-described cosmic country, he wields his guitar like a warrior charging out onto the battlefield. On a song called “Diamond in the Rough,” a gem from his debut LP, A Young Man’s Country, he stomps his way across a classic-spun country tale that whips with body-shocking electricity.

His guitar work is exemplary, owed to such influences as Chet Atkins and Jimmi Hendrix. But he is his own artist, full-stop. “My love, a diamond in the rough,” he sings. His plainspokenness of lyric packs a bunch; sometimes, less is more. He then works his magic in production, blurring the lines between country and psych-rock with abandon. And we’re addicted.

Listen to “Diamond in the Rough” below.

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