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Aubrie Sellers – “A Thousand Miles from Nowhere”

There are those vocalists who do a fine job at evoking whatever emotion they need. Then, there are those who transcend time, place, and existence. Aubrie Sellers is firmly, unapologetically the latter. With her version of Dwight Yoakam’s “A Thousand Miles from Nowhere,” Sellers seems to toss the listener right through the universe, left to spin and spin for eternity.

“I’m a thousand miles from nowhere / Time don’t matter to me,” she sings. She seems to step out of her body, dragging us along with no destination in sight.”’Cause I’m a thousand miles from nowhere / And there’s no place I want to be.” Her voice pings and echoes across the stars, and in a word, Sellers is: entrancing.

Listen to “A Thousand Miles from Nowhere” below.

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