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Ruston Kelly – “Under the Sun”

“Great and wonderful things are always on the other side of fear,” says Ruston Kelly. With his new song “Under the Sun,” the dirt-emo storyteller cobbles together another piece to his new album ─ one which underscores an endless journey to understanding, greater living, and tackling fear head-on.

“If it hurts either way / What’s the point in dragging it out? / Let it fade under the sun / Don’t let me catch you crying in the twilight,” he tugs his rasp over the words. As much sorrow gushes from his vocal cords, there is an immense, inescapable light peeking through the clouds. “It’s almost over / Brighter days still to come.” Kelly has a nearly indescribable way of writing about humanity, misery, and recovery, and his latest entry is no exception.

Listen to “Under the Sun” below.

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