Mo Pitney & Jamey Johnson – “A Music Man”

Mo Pitney doesn’t get nearly enough credit. Once a sure-fire bet to lead the charge of a new generation, he has fallen the way of others like Charlie Worsham, whose wholly traditional style hasn’t gotten a fair shake with radio’s gatekeepers. It’s unfortunate, too, when considering Pitney’s releasing some of his best music these days.

With “A Music Man,” a collaboration with the one and only Jamey Johnson, found on his just-released Ain’t Lookin’ Back, he accepts his lot but sends up a reminder that it is truly the music that moves him forward. “I’m just giving you a song / For you to remember when I’m gone,” he barely whispers. It’s the kind of lamentation you’d hear from the likes of George Jones, Alan Jackson, and Willie Nelson; a somber stunner that cracks open yet another excellent turn from Mister Pitney.

Listen to “A Music Man” below.

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