Parker McCollum – “Young Man’s Blues”

There’s something about a voice that penetrates the soul. Feeling at times familiar and fresh, Park McCollum is among today’s most promising country upstarts; he’s not totally unknown but largely lies outside the scope of terrestrial radio. To-date, he’s proven he has much more going for him than most men in country music, his voice two-stepping through the dirt like no one else can.

Songs like “Young Man’s Blues,” containing a particularly hypnotic and emotional quality, demonstrate his abilities to perfectly fuse the past and the present. “I can’t seem to shake these young man’s blues,” he bemoans. “Well it just might be the hardest thing I’ll do / Memory lane won’t let me roll on through / Well, it just might be the hardest thing I’ll do.” His mind pushes and pulls his mind through the past, as he grapples with his current place in the world, and soon becomes lost to his own emotions.

Listen to “Young Man’s Blues” below.

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