Margo Price – “I’d Die for You (Synthphonic)”

The pandemic is rearranging every facet of our lives. Art is even taking on new contexts and meanings; it’s not too surprising, as art is always a mirror reflection of the times. When it comes to Margo Price’s new iteration of “I’d Die for You,” originally from her new record That’s How the Rumor’s Get Started, it feels even more urgent.

“Some go low, some get high / Some get drunk on wasted time / Some say yours, some say mine / But we all bleed the same blood,” she calls over a new string-bound arrangement. Electric guitar has been stripped away from a more plush, celestial soundscape, bubbling beneath Price’s trusty vocal blade. It’s a plea to grasp onto humanity before it’s too late.

Listen to “I’d Die for You (Synthphonic)” below.

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