Tyler Childers – “Long Violent History”

“It’s the worst that it’s been / Since the last time it happened,” bites Tyler Childers. With his new song “Long Violent History,” the titular entry to his surprise EP, he confronts his own white privilege and the explosion of police brutality in recent years. The unapologetically earnest and honest song, paired with a poised and empathetic video message, frames the necessity of equality with teary emotion. Even more, the importances of deep introspection, particularly for white people.

“Now, what would you get if you heard my opinion / Conjecturin’ on matters that I ain’t never dreamed / In all my born days as a white boy from Hickman / Based on the way that the world’s been to mе?”

We need to listen, and listen good.

Listen to “Long Violent History” below.

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