Andrea – “Cardiac Surgeon”

The subtly produced new single “Cardiac Surgeon” from Norway bred artist Andrea, has all of the makings of a great pop track. The recurrent lyrics find Andrea begging for relief from an overwhelming love.

“This song was one of those that just popped up in my head very quickly. I wrote it in 15 minutes after watching Grey’s Anatomy during lockdown (which might explain the title). I didn’t intend on writing a full song when I wrote it. It was more like playing with all kinds of melodies I had going around in my head. I sent it to my producer right after and we both knew instantly that we wanted to make something fun out of it. It’s an amazing feeling when a song comes together like that.” 

The promising newcomer’s fluttering vocals instantly grab your attention and we can’t wait to see what else this young talent has up her sleeve.

Listen to “Cardiac Surgeon” below.

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