Jake Hoot & Kelly Clarkson – “I Would’ve Loved You”

Jake Hoot is having a moment right now. With his debut EP, Love Out of Time, The Voice Season 17 champion is leaving an indelible mark, demonstrating he has the talent and grit for the long haul. His collaboration with Kelly Clarkson called “I Would’ve Loved You” is a prime example.

Their voices spill out, perfectly balancing one another, with all the pain and sorrow and rage they can muster. “With all that I am / with my heart wide open / for the rest of my life I promise you / I’m gonna hate you as long and as much as I would’ve loved you,” they sing. It’s the kind of flip-the-script moment, as a relationship burns like wildfire, that makes it a truly special number.

Listen to “I Would’ve Loved You” below.

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