Laine Hardy – “Other LA”

American Idol champ Laine Hardy is paying homage to his home state of Louisiana on “Other LA.” Laine’s country/rock sound mixed with bayou production vibes, make this a standout track. The singer-songwriter’s loyal fanbase has stuck with him since his Season 17 American Idol win, and keep the rising country star producing authentic music.

Listen to “Other LA” below.

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  1. I am so proud of this young man…I just love Laine Hardy and ALL of his songs!!! I.Laine is an extremely talented singer/songwriter..I love how he created his new songs to give his fans a closer look into his life ..A way to get to know him better…he takes u on a journey of his life.. Laine’s incredible music videos feature actual footage of his favorite things to do, favorite places to go & what it’s like growing up in a tiny town!
    & Omgoodness..that incredible VOICE!!! .I just LOOOVE his AMAZING
    voice..it’s sexy, & raspy…I’m totally addicted 💯.. I listen to Laine’s songs EVERYDAY… ALL day long!!! Our Bayou Boy has Me… HOOK, LINE & SINKER!!!
    Laine is truly an INSPIRATION!!!.He NEVER ceases to AMAZE me with all he does! I’m SOOO excited…I can’t wait to see what he does next!!!
    Thank u #lainehardy for loving us, ur fans, as much as we love u!!! 🤩🎵🤠❤🎤🎸🙏🐊🎼🎶

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