TTPM Tuesday Top Tracks

TTPM Tuesday Top Tracks- Van Plating, Hayden Haddock, Jessia, Laine Hardy & More

Van Plating – “The Way Down”

Van Plating’s voice is rustic in nature ─ something ethereal with a raspy tinge. “I ain’t nothin’ / But I’m feelin’ cool,” sings Plating. In passing through a downard emotional state, almost dream-like and nightmarish, the singer-songwriter lets herself feel whatever it is she may feel on the way.

Drums pound in sharp waves, glistening and burning. And Van Plating simply tosses her hands in the air and lets the emotions crash across her skin. “Are you feeling cool?” she ponders. It’s a rhetorical inquiry, but it’ll never leave our mind.

Hayden Haddock – “Honky Tonk On”

It’s no secret that traditional country music has made a major comeback in the past few years. After the domination of bro country in the 2,000’s, artists like Cody Johnson, Parker McCollum and Jon Pardi have managed to acquire mainstream country radio hits. Rising singer/songwriter Hayden Haddock is poised as the next breakthrough artist from the red dirt scene. Haddock’s single, “Honky Tonk On” is the perfect track for a Friday night at a two-stepping roadhouse. Co-penned by Haddock and his producer/manager Trent Willmon, “Honky Tonk On” is currently blazing up the Texas charts. This track is an undeniable party anthem for any country music enthusiast. 

Listen to “Honky Tonk On” below.

SJUR, Lovespeak – “Me In The Middle”

Need some motivation? SJUR and Lovespeak have just the right fix for you with new single, “Me In The Middle.” Electro-pop artist SJUR teams up with Lovespeak for this inspiring track that will have you ready to take on any task at hand. The exhilarating anthem is reminiscent of the signature Imagine Dragons’, sound topped off with infectious synth production. This track would fit well on any inspiration or work out playlist. Now, let’s go change the world.

Listen to “Me In The Middle” below.

Laine Hardy – “Other LA”

American Idol champ Laine Hardy is paying homage to his home state of Louisiana on “Other LA.” Laine’s country/rock sound mixed with bayou production vibes, make this a standout track. The singer-songwriter’s loyal fanbase has stuck with him since his Season 17 American Idol win, and keep the rising country star producing authentic music. 

Listen to “Other LA” below.

JESSIA – “I’m not Pretty”

Canadian Tiki’s Tok star Jessia makes body-positivity a fun and relatable topic on new single, “I’m not Pretty.” The song kick’s off by listing the singer-songwriters insecurities but, by the middle of the upbeat bop, she has a change of heart. Jessia finally accepts the fact that she is perfect in her own skin and as a result, falls in love with her “rum bum bum bum.” 

Her highly commercial sound and pop infused production is setting the stage for Jessia to become the next breakout pop radio star.

Listen to “I’m not Pretty” below.

Clifford – “Renaissance Fam”

“We need change. We need equity,” audio plays in the intro to Clifford’s new song. “Renaissance Fam” then erupts, like a building on fire, and the flames consume him whole. Electric guitar bounces and reverberates, leaving his vocal to tear and rip at whatever it can.

“Wake up don’t fake it up / Say what you gotta say,” he encourages. Firmly rooted in the continuing progressive mindset, he has not time to dilly dally. The time is now for change.

Listen to “Renaissance Fam” below.

ZOLA – “Nosebleed”

Truth be told, we’ve all got despair we keep jangling like loose change in our pockets. Indie-pop mastermind ZOLA removes her own and funnels it into her new song. “Nosebleed” bops and dips with a shiny outer layer, but the lyrical core hits the chest – hard.

“California is on fire / But everyone’s too busy / Getting nosebleeds in the shower,” she sings into the mix. It’s grungy without being too grungy; pop but not too pop; a little left of center – in the perfect amount.

Listen to “Nosebleed” below.

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