Emmrose – “Waitlisted”

At only 17-years-old, Emmrose has quite a bright future ahead of her in pop music. On her most recent release, “Waitlisted,” the rising singer/songwriter pulls from her personal experience to tell an all-to-familiar story that many college hopefuls can relate to. The song is quite literal, but the melody and danceable groove make it a track that anyone wouldn’t mind cranking up; college-age or not. With an ear for writing catchy music and a vocal ability well beyond her years, we can’t wait to see what is next for this budding talent.

Listen to “Waitlisted” below.

The soundscape unfolds and offers us a chance to explore something special and refreshing within the pop genre that aims to under not just the fantasies, but the reality of life. She blends upbeat and playful sounds with sad and serious verses that are sure to hit a nerve and make a home out of your heart and mind. So listen carefully for this young artist is here to stay and this must-listen gem is simply the latest proof of this. Enjoy!

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