TTPM Tuesday Top Tracks

TTPM Tuesday Top Tracks – Elyse Saunders, Catt McCreary, Tayls, Julian Daniel, Stephanie Quayle & KINGS

The top tracks of the week based on readership!

Elyse Saunders – “Sunshine State Of Mind”

Canadian country music artist Elyse Saunders is living her best life on new single, “Sunshine State of Mind.” Saunders has one of those voices that you could listen to all day. Her vocal tone is unique, layered, and sultry throughout the mid-tempo track. The perfect summertime anthem, “Sunshine State of Mind” incorporates classic country elements with modern country production.

Listen to “Sunshine State of Mind” below.

Catt McCreary – “Temporary Vibe”

Rising pop artist Catt McCreary is looking for a fling in new single, “Temporary Vibe.” A sentiment Gen Z can likely relate to, McCreary makes keeping things casual quite appealing on the new upbeat bop. Although the lyrics are quite simple and literal, the production and delivery on “Temporary Vibe” make it a must listen. 

Listen to “Temporary Vibe” below.

Tayls – “First Curse (I Can’t Hide)”

The indie band set the scene: instruments dazzle in the sun, as if through a prism with its psychedelic splintering of light. When the lyrics hit, Tayls’ brawny vocal tone, oak-like and imposing, drags you by the ankle into the mud ─ but it’s refreshing. A towering five-minute runtime leaves you breathless, giving you ample time to feel every brunt of his throaty growl and writhe inside of the story. “One foot in the grave / I take these chances…” he trails into a war cry.

Listen to “First Curse (I Can’t Hide)” below.

Julian Daniel – “Anxiety”

Julian Daniel’s “Anxiety” clatters from the inside-out. Anxieties about self image come crashing to the surface, even his voice wavers ever so slightly with a nervous twitch. “No one’s got their eyes on me,” he sings into an electronic cloud. Indie-rock static crackles, and such a forthright admission may just be the salve he needs. For now, he’ll dance it out.

Listen to “Anxiety” below.

Stephanie Quayle – “We Buy Gold”

Life can seemingly topple to the ground, yet love still binds us. Stephanie Quayle observes as much with the stunning “We Buy Gold,” guitar work peek through in sharp, sunny rays. “In a world where nothing’s sure but growing old, we buy gold,” she sings. The lyrics even unpack the weight of the evening news, from global warming to overpopulation, a twinge of sorrow fringing the edges, but she soldiers forward anyway. Love is like that sometimes.

Listen to “We Buy Gold” below.

KINGS – “ur a good bye”

We’ve all been there… a devastating breakup that looking back was for the best. On her new single “ur a good bye,” KINGS is thankful for a failed relationship amidst the initial heartbreak. The upbeat track is catchy and clever, allowing KINGS pop-infused vocals to shine. The Nashville-based TikTok sensation can definitely bank on “ur a good bye” performing well on the popular music discovery platform. The electro-pop produced release hooks you in immediately, and KINGS flawless delivery is the cherry on top. 

Listen to “ur a good bye” blow.

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