JP Cooper – “Holy Water”

British Singer-Songwriter JP Cooper is overflowing with soul on new single, “Holy Water.” The commercial track incorporates the perfect amount of R&B elements to complement Cooper’s layered and impressive vocals. A deeply personal song for Cooper, “Holy Water” is about recognizing your mistakes and learning from them. The moving and inspirational track is full of swagger and effortless ability.

‘”Holy Water” is a song that was half finished for about 5 years,” Cooper said of the song. “I was raised in a strong Catholic household so questioning yourself and your choices was a big part of what was going on in my mind… There were a lot of things I was doing that I probably shouldn’t have been doing given the way that I was raised. My dad was always an amazing example… if you fall down, pick yourself up and keep moving…”

Listen to “Holy Water” below.

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