TTPM Tuesday Top Tracks

TTPM Tuesday Top Tracks – Laine Hardy, Paper Jackets, Rachael Jenkins, Stela Cole, Christy, Devon Beck, MAD CIRCUIT & Ashley Cooke

The top tracks of the week based on readership!

Laine Hardy – “Memorize You”

One of the brightest rising stars in the country format and 2019 American Idol champion Laine Hardy has done it again with new single, “Memorize You.” The upbeat track features elements of Hardy’s bayou brand of country music and his undeniable vocal ability. Written by Michael Tyler, Eric Arjes and Steven Dale Jones, and produced by Michael Knox, “Memorize You” is the new love song of the summer. 

Listen to “Memorize You” below.

Paper Jackets – “Rumors”

LA based alternative-pop band Paper Jackets first caught our attention with their addictive vocal mix. The foursome’s new single “Rumors” features group members James Mason and Aimee swapping out lead vocals and coming together for infectious harmonies on the choruses. The upbeat bop was co-produced by Dylan Jackson Scott (of Rad Horror), who has worked with artists such as Halsey, Dreamers, lovelytheband and more. In the words of Mason, “It could be selective hearing, denial or just some plain ole’ s talkin’ gone awry; the truth is always hard to find amidst rubble in our minds. ‘Rumors’ is a song for people who like bad news, a commentary on ill will and poor intent.”

Listen to “Rumors” below.

Rachael Jenkins – “I Don’t Know”

With only her second-ever single, Rachael Jenkins is leaving quite an imprint in the earth. “I Don’t Know” pricks the heartstrings until they’re sore, and her voice is as angelic, yet utterly affecting, as ever. “I don’t like who I am online, especially when I’m high. But it’s probably nothing. I’m fine,” she sings over swelling piano keys. 

Listen to “I Don’t Know” below.

Stela Cole – “I Shot Cupid”

Stela Cole didn’t wanna fall in love again, so she shot cupid. She attests as much with her b-b-b-b-b-b-b-banger “I Shot Cupid,” blasting the speakers with not only the melody but sirens. “You broke my heart when I told you not to, and now I keep on crying in the bathroom,” she sobs through waterfall tears. “And in the club too. It’s like a monsoon. I wanna hate you.” The singer-songwriter retools her heartache for one of the year’s best pop songs.

Listen to “I Shot Cupid” below.

Christy – “Somebody Else Instead”

Wasted time is an interesting concept. Is time really wasted if the trivial task (or person) helps us get through something difficult? On “Somebody Else Instead,” singer-songwriter Christy is masking the stages of grief from a break up with a fling. The acoustically driven track puts Christy’s candied vocals and thoughtful lyrics on display. Christy has no problem precisely executing every vocal run on the track and delivering a top-notch performance. The title track of Christy’s acoustic EP, “Somebody Else Instead” showcases the rising talents musicianship that is well beyond his years. 

Listen to “Somebody Else Instead” below.

Devon Beck – “Mirrors”

Many new artists move to Nashville and immediately get taken advantage of, as do many people in new relationships. Beck does an A+ job at chronicling the unfortunate struggles that ultimately help us grow in new single “Mirrors.” The country newcomer’s cautionary tale was co-written by Sam Grow and features Beck’s unique sultry and gritty vocal mix. When it comes to Beck, there is only smoke surrounding this rising talent. 

Listen to “Mirrors” below.

MAD CIRCUIT – “Move With Me”

Stop what you are doing and go follow MAD CIRCUIT now! Comprised of Norweigan producer JR, pop songstress Sereda, and rising underground rapper LG, MAD CIRCUIT is a rising trio ready to get you on the dance floor. On “Move With Me,” each members’ talents are utilized to take this energetic expression of party to the next level. Sereda’s vocals recall a young Gwen Stefani while LG’s infectious flow hooks you in. The quarterback though is JR whose A+ production makes “Move With Me” an undeniable party hit. 

Listen to “Move With Me” below.

Ashley Cooke – “Already Drank That Beer”

Currently topping the iTunes country chart, Country newcomer Ashley Cooke is wishing she hadn’t “Already Drank That Beer” on new single. Cooke’s vocals are free and easy on the primarily acoustic driven ballad as she reminisces about tipsy nights with a former flame. With a classic feel, modern production and relatable lyrics, Cooke is on her way to be the next female to watch in country music. 

Listen to “Already Drank That Beer” below.

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