Thomston – “Magnolia” (with Zeph)

New Zealand’s very own rising pop star is giving us a taste of his forthcoming album with “Magnolia” featuring Zeph. The driving and heartfelt duet features Thomston’s intoxicating vocals and leaves listeners wanting so much more. Thomston has a powerful yet delicate trait to his voice that is unique and exciting, while Zeph’s angelically soft vocals provide the perfect balance to the track.

According to Thomston, “‘Magnolia is about that yearning for a different place, very much living inside a ‘grass is greener’ mentality. It touches on isolation, loneliness and tries to paint a picture of a utopian summer where a struggling relationship could thrive. The song was originally written solo but I felt like it would really benefit from a shift in perspective that would fill in the blanks of the story and Zeph came back with some unfiltered angst that I think is incredible.”

Listen to “Magnolia” (with Zeph) below.

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