TTPM Tuesday Top Tracks

TTPM Tuesday Top Tracks – Jonny West, Nicky James, Tove Styrke, Dolly Valentine, Vardaan Arora & Kylie Rothfield

The top tracks of the week based on readership!

Jonny West – “damaged”

Fresh off his Top 5 finish on American Idol last year, singer-songwriter Jonny West forges ahead with his new EP. Quite a genre-bender, essential cut “damaged” is a prime showcase for West’s vocal acrobatics, as he pours out his soul in a way few reality show contestants ever accomplish. “How can I see anything more than what’s before me?” he asks himself. “Broken or not, I’m hopelessly lost.”

Listen to “damaged” below.

Nicky James – “Common Ground”

Rising Country music artist Nicky James has released a feel-good anthem with new single, “Common Ground.” The track is infused with screaming electric guitars, a touch of steel and features James’ clear and solid vocals. A sentiment we need right about now, “Common Ground” urges listeners to put aside their differences and appreciate the time they have together. James’ vocals soar in the chorus as he effortlessly delivers the standout song. 

Listen to “Common Ground” below.

Tove Styrke – “Mood Swings”

Swedish artist Tove Styrke is back in full force with new single, “Mood Swings.” Her first release in three years, “Mood Swings” is a bold pop track with equal parts sass, groove, and clever lyricism. Styrke delivers each word with enthusiastic readiness and vocal prowess. 

Listen to “Mood Swings” below.

Dolly Valentine – “Do It All For You”

Dolly Valentine is a name everyone should be obsessed with right now. Ethereal and earthy, Valentine’s voice is rich and supple in the way she floats over her melodies. “Do It All for You” is another peg in her catalog and exemplary vocal showcase, subdued and languid in all the right ways. “One day, we’ll be sailing to an island in the ocean,” she declares her undying love.

Listen to “Do It All For You” below.

Vardaan Arora – “Obsessive”

We all get a little obsessive sometimes. Vardaan Arora should know. With his new song, aptly called “obsessive,” he struggles to understand where a potential lover stands ─ because, you know, some people just like to play games. “You tell me you want me, but I can’t get out of bed ‘cause I’m still thinking about that one time you left me on read…” he wails about his internal push and pull.

Listen to “obsessive” below.

Kylie Rothfield – “Ghost”

Kylie Rothfield’s voice will stop you in your tracks. On new single “Ghost,” Rothfield’s layered and soulful vocals take center stage. Written by Ester Dean, Ryan Tedder and Shane McAnally, “Ghost” is an anthemic ballad about the loneliness that comes from lost love. The production on the dramatic track builds steadily throughout, matching Rothfield’s energy and emotion to perfection. 

Listen to “Ghost” below.

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