TTPM Tuesday Top Tracks

TTPM Tuesday Top Tracks – Maggie Rose, Lauren Alaina, Wild Story, Dead Method & Mathew V

The top tracks of the week based on readership!

Maggie Rose – “Are We There Yet”

Maggie Rose turns the musical lights down low to a crackling sizzle. “Are We There Yet” is silky to the touch, the enrapturing sensation you’d find buried in a romance novel. Rose, always a masterclass vocalist, teases the listener with the melody. “Lover, we’re never satisfied, too busy rushing time,” she sings, lamenting the ephemeral nature of love itself.

Listen to “Are We There Yet” below.

Lauren Alaina – “It Was Me”

Lauren Alaina doesn’t play (when has she ever, though?). With a new song “It Was Me,” wrapped only with acoustic guitar, her sun-harvested voice, and little else, she rips her heart from her chest and reveals her misery to the world. “If I’m being honest, boy, I wasn’t being that honest, boy,” she crows over sweet lap steel. Despite already proving herself, it’s a performance of a lifetime.

Listen to “It Was Me” below.

Wild Story – “Different”

If being “different” looks and sounds as cool as Wild Story, please sign us up. The duo, comprised of Viv Parker and Katie Hargrove, just released an anthemic new tune about embracing your true self. On “Different” the talented pop duo combine their strengths to create the new theme song for anyone who doesn’t quite feel like they fit in with societal norms. Sonically, the track is commercial, catchy and Hargrove’s powerful vocals soar. 

Listen to “Different” below.

Mathew V – “Healing”

There are some voices that just stick with you. On “Healing,” Mathew V cements himself as one of those impactful voices. The acoustic guitar-driven ballad features Mathew V’s trembling and pristine delivery, while bold harmonies elevate the message at just the right moments. It is no surprise that the trailblazing artist has accumulated millions of streams and dozens of career accolades to date. 

Listen to “Healing” below.

Dead Method – “Idle Worship”

Let Dead Method throw you a super gay glitter-rave. “Idle Worship” smacks you in the jaw, its vibrations rippling across your body. Its mood-altering aura is deceptive, a conduit to deliver some of Dead Method’s most venomous lyrics. “I’m so bored of beautiful men trying to sell me shit on the internet,” he cracks the lyrics wide open. Flittering from irreverent prayer to midnight club banger, DM’s latest gives you a high you won’t forget.

Listen to “Idle Worship” below.

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