TTPM Tuesday Top Tracks

TTPM Tuesday Top Tracks – Francisco Martin, Eva Campbell, Nicky James, Lola Blanc & SAPPHIRE

The top tracks of the week based on readership!

Francisco Martin – “Bittersweet”

Cake and frosting hangs onto a sharp kitchen knife – that’s one helluva image for the cover art to Francisco Martin’s “Bittersweet.” Once you dig into the song itself, you’ll understand why choosing such a visual dichotomy is essential. “Now that you’re gone, and I’m lost in a faceless crowd, that would be fine if I knew you were safe and sound,” he sings, pulling on both the good and bad strands of a now-dead relationship. His emotions are tangled, permitting the singer-songwriter to attempt to unravel it all in song form.

Listen to “Bittersweet” below.

Eva Campbell – “Echo”

Eva Campbell knows her worth on new single, “Echo.” With hopes to empower and encourage people to not settle for mediocracy, Campbell passionately delivers the uplifting track. Campbell’s timeless voice recalls the tone of Celine Dion with the commercial pop sound of Ariana Grande. At only 19-years-old, the Ireland native and former The Voice UKcontestant is destined for a bright future in music. 

On the inspiration behind the song, Campbell explains, “I wanted a song to dedicate to Dublin Pride, for all the partners who have been hidden away due to internalised homophobia. It is also written to empower those who’ve been through a breakup, or who haven’t got the love they deserve.”

Listen to “Echo” below.

Nicky James – “Goin’ Through”

Emerging Country artist Nicky James’ new single is a heartbreaker. Written by Country star Chris Young and hit songwriter Matt Rogers, “Goin’ Through” documents the rollercoaster of emotions that come from an unwanted breakup. James’ clear and distinct vocals are on full display throughout the mid-tempo track. “Goin’ Through” follows James’ previously released tracks this year including “Your Name On It,” “Addicts Knot,” and “Common Ground.” James’ ability to write and deliver quality music coupled with his obvious talent is putting him on the map in the format.

Listen to “Goin’ Through” below.

Lola Blanc – “Here Come the Wolves”

The opening piano chords cut to your spine. That’s unsettling enough, but when Lola Blanc gets going, funneling in more dark sounds that’ll leave deep, fang-sized imprints on your skin. From clanging, chain-rattling percussion and a gothic choir, “Here Come the Wolves” is an off-your-rocker stunner. “Not gonna let you go / Baring my teeth, I’m ready / My tongue is a sharp machete,” seethes Blanc. A haunted sorceress, you won’t see her coming – for your throat.

Listen to “Here Come the Wolves” below.

SAPPHIRE – “Repeat”

On SAPPHIRE’s new single, “Repeat,” the promising pop artist puts her overthinking into a song. The alt-pop anthem highlights SAPPHIRE’s delicate and pristine vocals as she effortlessly flips to her falsetto on the choruses. “Repeat” wraps up with soundscapes that recall the ‘rewind’ sound. All about repeating old patterns, the upbeat track is a catchy debut for SAPPHIRE and this track will certainly be on ‘repeat’ on our playlists. 

Listen to “Repeat” below.

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