Deana Carter – “Strawberry Wine” featuring Ashley McBryde, Lauren Alaina, Martina McBride, Kylie Morgan, and Vince Gill

Lord, how has 25 years passed since Deana Carter’s Did I Shave My Legs for This? To commemorate the milestone, the ‘90s country staple enlists Lauren Alaina, Martina McBride, Kylie Morgan, and Ashley McBryde, along with some of Vince Gill’s supple instrumentation, for an updated version of the iconic “Strawberry Wine.” With bridging generations in such a way, the song somehow enriches the emotional story in a way that transforms teardrops into a full-blown waterfall. “The fields have grown over now. Years since they’ve seen the plow. There’s nothing time hasn’t touched,” Carter sings. 25 years of wisdom makes that bittersweet sting of first love hurt that much deeper.

Listen to “Strawberry Wine” below.

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