TTPM Top Tracks of the Month

TTPM Top Tracks of the Month – David Archuleta, loyalties, Mikayla Geier, Tori Martin & Semler

Our readers are loving the chill vibes this month, plus a dash of up-tempo country. We have compiled a list of the top tracks for November 2021 based on review readership.

At the top of the list, we have David Archuleta, who has had a groundbreaking year both personally and professionally. His new single “Beast,” peels back the curtain for a raw look into his life. Loyalties x Mikayla Geier come into their own on “Second Place” and Country standout Tori Martin takes us to Vegas on her new single, “Lucky (Remix).” Singer-songwriter Semler wraps up the list with her Americana-infused, lyrical tale, “I’d Rather Be A Ghost.”

David Archuleta – “Beast”

David Archuleta unleashes the “Beast” waging war inside his head. “I’ll tear your heart out if you stay with me,” he warns. The war, as he’s experienced it, is coming to terms with who he is (he came out as LGBTQ+ back in the summer) and his Morman Faith – and how ultimately, it ripped a relationship to shreds. “You’re going to see the beast inside,” he continues.

Listen to “Beast” below.

loyalties, Mikayla Geier – “Second Place”

Social media star Mikayla Geier has partnered with loyalties to deliver new single, “Second Place.” The acoustically driven track created by loyalties features Geier’s lush vocals over her honest lyrics. First gaining popularity after bravely sharing her struggles with anorexia, Geier’s words are raw and heartfelt as she narrates her personal story and declares her worth. The instrumental duo loyalties provide the perfect foundation to the building song which elevates it even more. 

Listen to “Second Place” below.

Tori Martin – “Lucky (Remix)”

Emerging country artist, Tori Martin, takes a chance (and it works) with her latest single, “Lucky (Remix).” The self-penned track, written alongside Kirsti Manna and Lynn Wilbanks, is pure ear candy — it’s catchy and pop-infused, but full of substance. With a driving beat, her vocals shine on the mid-tempo release and we can’t wait to hear more from her. 

Listen to “Lucky (Remix)” below and keep up with Martin on instagram HERE.

Semler – “I’d Rather Be A Ghost”

“What’s a body but a cage? It keeps me weak; it keeps me strange,” Semler squirms under a layer of guitar. With “I’d Rather Be a Ghost,” she’s a phantom trapped between realms. In struggling with earthly existence, with an almost funeral dirge or plea, the singer-songwriter attempts to shake loose her demons (as best she can anyway). “Let me be a ghost dear. I’d haunt you so nice,” she moans. It’s not unlike a soundtrack piece you’d find for David Lowery’s A Ghost Story.

Listen to “I’d Rather Be a Ghost” below.

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