Review Roundup

Review Roundup – John Thomas, Emily James, HOLLISS, Aminata, Cerise Valdez & Lerocque

An eclectic group of pop tracks makes up this week’s review roundup.

John Thomas – “Mind On You”

Ever been so infatuated with another person that its all you can think about? On “Mind On You” John Thomas is completely consumed by a love interest. The upbeat pop track is addicting from start to finish. Thomas utilizes every part of his uber commercial voice, flipping from his lower to upper register a few times throughout while he delivers the narrative to perfection. Fans of Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber will love Thomas.

Listen to “Mind On You” below.

Emily James – “Brooklyn”

Singer-songwriter Emily James’ new single “Brooklyn” is perfectly simple. The paired back production allow the lyrics and James’ subtle yet impactful vocals to take center stage. James seamlessly weaves the story together, creating a relatable and poetic narrative. The rising artist has a voice that you could easily have on repeat all day.

Listen to “Brooklyn” below.

HOLLISS – “Mental Pictures”

We are all guilty of it. Getting sucked in to the never ending wormhole that is technology aka our phones. On “Mental Pictures,” HOLLISS vows to live in the moment and cherish the beauty of the mundane. Her smooth and clear vocals deliver the lyrics with ease while the ballad gradually builds.

Listen to “Mental Pictures” below.

Aminata – “I’m Letting You Go”

What. A. Voice. Aminata gives a mic drop performance on new single, “I’m Letting You Go.” The piano driven ballad flows behind Aminata’s emotional and stunning delivery of the lyrics. The rising powerhouse let’s go of a former flame throughout the breakup song while her voice soars to unimaginable heights.

Aminata credits her mix of African and Russian ancestry for inspiring her sound. Reminiscent of Alicia Keys, Aminata has an uplaralleled vocal ability that will certainly move her career forward.

Listen to “I’m Letting You Go” below.

Cerise Valdez – “Things He Likes”

Rising pop artist Cerise Valdez finds a unique way to cope on new single, “Things He Likes.” Instead of drowning her sorrows in alcohol or chocolate, Valdez empties her bank account buying “all the things he likes.” Valdez has a breathy yet powerful sound throughout the song. The lighthearted and upbeat track is a great introduction to the budding talent.

Listen to “Things He Likes” below.

Lerocque – “Unpredictable”

Lerocque is shattering genre norms with the release of “Unpredictable.” The Portugal born pop artist is completely infatuated with a love interest during the track and the chemistry continues to blow his mind. Blending retro, 80s reminiscent soundscapes with modern production, “Unpredictable” is an upbeat trip. Will definitely keep Lerocque on our radar for unique creations.

Listen to “Unpredictable” below.

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