Dustin Lynch – “Not Every Cowboy”

Country hitmaker Dustin Lynch is out to change the negative connotation of a cowboy on new song, “Not Every Cowboy.” A deep cut on his new record Blue In The Sky, “Not Every Cowboy” kicks off with just Lynch’s textured southern twang and an acoustic guitar. While the track steadily builds, Lynch delivers the thoughtful lyrics with ease.

“Girl, I bet your momma warned you ’bout guys like me / And this outlaw in my blood ain’t a wildcard up my sleeve,” Lynch croons over an acoustic and steel guitar. “Cause I ain’t a silhouette Stetson, heading out west / In a red sunset, and taking your heart with me / So let me show you that not every cowboy leaves.” A timeless love song to round out Lynch’s 12-track record.

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