The Collection – “Won’t Stop Yet”

Going through a global pandemic can leave anyone feeling hopeless. On “Won’t Stop Yet,” The Collection aims to bring a glimmer of hope and inspiration to the challenging times. The upbeat track features the group’s lead vocalist whose sound could put anyone at ease. His treble infused tone trembles from chest to falsetto as he delivers the relateable narrative. 

On the meaning behind the song, The Collection said “I wanted to write a power anthem that conveyed a sense of hope that we’ll get through this crazy apocalypse with strength and ease. But realistically, the best I could muster was a hope we could get through the next hour- and maybe the hour after that, and the one after…”

We may be living in uncharted territiory, but as long as we put one foot in front of the other we will get through it together. 

Listen to “Won’t Stop Yet” below.

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