Review Roundup

Review Roundup – Isabelle Fries, Boyd Kelly x Just Shy, Jackson Guthy, Zach Ray & Teddy LaMaster

An eclectic group of tracks makes up this week’s review roundup.

Isabelle Fries – “Scrapbook”

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Isabelle Fries combats a mental battle on new single, “Scrapbook.” The acoustic guitar driven track finds Fries replaying past experiences on a loop. “This song for me is about longing for the past and the all encompassing feeling of nostalgia, emotions we almost all surely experience,” Fries explains. Produced by Grammy award-winning producer Rob Chiarelli (Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder), Fries’ gritty and rich voice delivers the narrative while the track steadily builds. Fries’ switches into her falsetto during the bridge of the song showcasing her vast vocal potential.

Listen to “Scrapbook” below.

Boyd Kelly x Just Shy – “Hula Hoop Girl”

We have found your new earworm. Melbourn based DJ and producer Boyd Kelly has teamed up with the uber talented artist Just Shy to create a pop masterpiece, “Hula Hoop Girl.” The groovy tune incorporates funk elements which elevates the mainstream track to its maximum potential. Reminscent of Macklemore’s “Downtown” or “Thrift Store,” “Hula Hoop Girl” is worthy of viral success. This one will be on repeat for sure.

Listen to “Hula Hoop Girl” below.

Jackson Guthy – “Like I Did”

Rising pop artist Jackson Guthy bears his heart on new song, “Like I Did.” The raw emotion that oozes from Guthy’s precise delivery is heartbreaking and impressive at the same time. Aside from an extremely well written and executed ballad, Guthy has a voice that measures up to some of musics brightest stars. Guthy knows that he can’t live up to his partners expectations and ultimately, accepts defeat.

Listen to “Like I Did” below.

Zach Ray – “Loving You”

Country upstart Zach Ray aims to shake things up on “Loving You.” The mid-tempo country track features soaring traditional country instrumentation and a pleasing melody. As much as the singer-songwriter wants to get away, the destination is irrelevant. Home is truly where the heart is on “Loving You” and Ray will is along for the ride. Eager to hear what is next from this promising newcomer.

Listen to “Loving You” below.

Teddy LaMaster – “Country Boy Big Time”

Time for a rowdy country-rock anthem. On “Country Boy Big Time,” Teddy LaMaster heads to the pasture complete with a beer in hand and his boys by his side. The song is rocking good time featuring soaring electric guitars and driving drums. Crank this one up for your quintessential small town Friday night party.

Listen to “Country Boy Big Time” below.

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