Review Roundup

Review Roundup – Yael Lanciano, Steve Pointmeier, Partial Sum, Tonal Graffiti, Ceara Cavalieri, The Millenial Club & David Green

A vocal goddess, rising country artist and several pop bops make up this week’s review roundup.

Yael Lanciano – “Back to Love”

Yael Lanciano’s voice is as vast as the desert where she was raised. On “Back to Love,” the Arizona bred singer-songwriter inspires the listener to have hope in their dark moments. Lanciano’s impeccable vocal ability shines on the uplifting song while she delivers the driving ballad with emotion and ease. Crediting Mariah Carey as early inspiration, there are obvious similarities in Lanciano’s style which could hold a candle to some of the best vocalists on the scene.

“I actually wrote this song almost a year ago, inspired by a friend who was going through something difficult,” Lanciano explains. “Turns out, I have been going through some hard times myself in the last 7 months, and whenever I would listen to this song, it brought me warmth and hope.”

Listen to “Back to Love” below.

Steve Pointmeier – “Sway”

Canadian country artist Steve Pointmeier goes where the wind blows on new single, “Sway.” The mid-tempo track finds Pointmeier blaming genetics on why he can’t seem to be accountable in life or love. Pointemeier’s traditional sound is refreshing as he claims his territory and owns his brand on the competitive scene.

Listen to “Sway” below.

Partial Sum – “Just Listen”

Listening is one of the best gifts one can give to their significant other. On “Just Listen,” Partial Sum aches for her partner to understand her. The track has an 80’s throwback vibe to me it whole also incorporating modern pop elements. Partial Sum’s soaring vocals shine throughout the upbeat tune.

Listen to “Just Listen” below.

Tonal Graffiti – “Hotel Pool”

Tonal Graffiti teeters the line of temptation on new single, “Hotel Pool.” The upbeat, electro-pop track finds the group diving in head first with a love-interest. The groovy track features Tonal Graffiti’s convincing and effortless vocal delivery. Full of swag and confidence, Tonal Graffiti is an emerging group to keep an eye on.

Listen to “Hotel Pool” below.

Ceara Cavalieri – “Radio Silence”

Ceara Cavalieri is combining 90’s grunge with electro-pop on new single, “Radio Silence.” The driving drum beat shakes things up sonically compared to the rest of her catalog. Cavalieri’s signature mainstream vocals float over the rock infused track.

A clear shift in direction, “Radio Silence” is reminiscent of throwback Avril Lavigne and Brittney Spears.

Listen to “Radio Silence” below.

The Millenial Club – “xx”

So-Cal based The Millennial Club has released electro-pop track, “xx.” Consisting of singer/guitarist Andrew Owens, bassist/keyboardist Jared Ortiz, guitarist/saxophonist Jake Stevenson and drummer Tyler Kamei, the group has eclectic musical taste. Fusing together pop, R&B and electronic soundscapes, The Millennial Club has a sound uniquely their own. Owens’ chill vibe delivers the narrative of “xx” with finesse. Reflectling on a lost love, Owens’ finds himself wanting to rekindle the flame.

Listen to “xx” below.

David Green – “Close Again”

We all have those relationships that we wish we could go back and re-do. On “Close Again,” LA based singer-songwriter David Green hopes for a second shot at the one that got away. Admitting his faults, Green puts it all on the table and leaves the door wide open for his ex. Green’s trembling tenor vocals deliver the lyrics while the upbeat electro-pop track remains steady.

Listen to “Close Again” below.

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