Yael Lanciano – “Back to Love”

Yael Lanciano’s voice is as vast as the desert where she was raised. On “Back to Love,” the Arizona bred singer-songwriter inspires the listener to have hope in their dark moments. Lanciano’s impeccable vocal ability shines on the uplifting song while she delivers the driving ballad with emotion and ease. Crediting Mariah Carey as early inspiration, there are obvious similarities in Lanciano’s style which could hold a candle to some of the best vocalists on the scene.

“I actually wrote this song almost a year ago, inspired by a friend who was going through something difficult,” Lanciano explains. “Turns out, I have been going through some hard times myself in the last 7 months, and whenever I would listen to this song, it brought me warmth and hope.”

Listen to “Back to Love” below.

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