Review Roundup

Review Roundup – Jacob Humber, Chris Crow, Lance Tingey x Cody Francis, nobody likes you pat, Dominik Klein & Bradley McCaw

Jacob Humber – “Afterlife”

Human connection is so important for our mental health. On “Afterlife” singer-songwriter Jacob Humber weaves an honest narrative through introspective lyrics. Finding confidants who will listen without judging or offering their biased opinions can be tricky. Sometimes, it’s easier to bury your head in the sand than face life’s ebbs and flows head-on. I guess that’s why therapists are in such high demand. 

Humber questions how you could really form a deep connection without REAL conversations on “Afterlife.” The mid-tempo track features Humber’s genuine vocals that he delivers with pure ease.

“Afterlife” is the first taste of new music that Humber will be releasing this year and we can’t wait to hear what else he has up his sleeve. 

Listen to “Afterlife” below.

Chris Crow – “Nobody Wants To Walk Alone”

Singer-songwriter Chris Crow would give anything to have his former partner by his side on “Nobody Wants To Walk Alone.” The acoustic guitar driven track features Crow’s distinct vocal style which pairs perfectly with the gradual build of production. Crow’s sound is clear and defined as he confidently delivers the narrative of regret over losing that special someone.

Crow has a sound that could blend perfectly into the country or americana genres and we will certainly be along for the ride.

Listen to “Nobody Wants To Walk Alone” below.

Lance Tingey x Cody Francis – “kinda over it”

Lance Tingey and Cody Francis are done with a toxic relationship on “kinda over it. Both Utah natives, Tingey and Francis’ respective artistic strengths compliment one another perfectly on the upbeat pop tune. The lighthearted track features creative production elements and relateable lyrics. Tingey and Francis’ endearing delivery of the song just makes it that much more infectious.

These two should stick together. They sound destined to be a duo.

Listen to “kinda over it” below.

nobody likes you pat – “one day before i die”

Sometimes, you just need to take life by the horns. Chase your dreams, make the big move, take the trip, be present. Life is too short to put anything off. On “one day before i die,” Minneapolis based indie pop artist ‘nobody likes you pat’ reflects on all of the opportunites he has already missed by giving the “maybe one day” excuse. The singer-songwriter questions what if he only had one more day to fit in all of the things he has been putting off, and turns it into a catchy pop masterpeice.

Nobody likes you pat has an evergreen sound that could win over any pop music lover. The clever lyrics on “one day before i die” encourage the listener to pursue life to its fullest.

Listen to “one day before i die” below.

Dominik Klein – “Borders”

Dominik Klein is an emerging pop powerhouse. On “Borders,” Klein encourages the listener to shatter the glass ceiling and create change. The anthemic, piano driven ballad features Klein’s dynamic vocal ability as he emotionally belts the power-ballad.

Likely inspired by Klein’s early yeen years of being the recipient of bullying, “Borders” is a bold movement to take a stand against societal norms.

Listen to “Borders” below.

Bradley McCaw feat. Paulini – “Someone Like You”

Australian musician, writer and vocalist Bradley McCaw has enlisted the soulful sounds of Paulini for mowtown infused duet, “Someone Like You.” McCaw is a powerhouse vocalist who has a sound entirely his own. Alongside Paulini’s equally impressive vocals, the two are a great match for collabs. Reminiscent of Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” “Someone Like You” features pop, funk and rock elements that give the track that throwback sound.

While we can’t pinpoint what genre this would fall into, it certainly appeals to a wide range of music lovers. McCaw and Paulini’s energetic and showstopping delivery of the lyrics are what makes this track a standout.

Listen to “Someone Like You” below.

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