Review Roundup

Review Roundup – Jordan Jones, Restless Modern, Clifford, Robert Grace & Sam Tompkins

Jordan Jones – “Stumble”

Emerging electro-pop artist Jordan Jones has found his vice on new single “Stumble.” The upbeat, synth infused track finds Jones’ infatuated with his current flame. The Canadian born singer-songwriter narrates the story of someone so enthralled with their love interest that they are trying to be the perfect partner.

Jones’ polished tenor voice pairs naturally between the bass driven beats throughout the song. Lyrically, the narrator might lack a bit of self worth, but Jones’ confident delivery will have you questioning why he doesn’t have the upper hand in this relationship.

Listen to “Stumble” below.

Restless Modern – “How Do I Do with You?”

Wisconsin based artist Restless Modern has released a dynamic new track, “How Do I Do with You?” The song kicks off with melancholy production and quickly shifts gears to a mid-tempo pop bout. Wrapped up in a quick 2 minutes, Restless Modern struggles with remaining loyal to his significant other in the presence of an intriguing fling.

The emerging artist is in his head throughout the song, wondering if he has the strength to remain faithful. The first track off of his new EP A Likeness Complicit, the song highlights Restless Modern’s gentle and expressive voice.

Listen to “How Do I Do with You” below.

Clifford – “Close To Me”

Electro-pop artist Clifford has released a club-worthy banger, “Close To Me.” The upbeat song features a simple narrative over a driving track as Clifford heads into a hypnotic state. Through uber catchy production and Clifford’s rallying vocals, the talented singer-songwriter delivers cryptic lyrics that could be interpreted several ways.

Whether a substance or a human sending him into the stratosphere, Clifford has created a danceable tune that is a great addition to his catalog.

Listen to “Close To Me” below.

Robert Grace – “Need You Back”

Robert Grace is making his mark in the pop landscape. On “Need You Back” from his debut EP XXVII, Grace pleads for his ex to give him a second chance. His trembling and textured voice delivers the lyrics with ease and vulnerability. The layered BGV’s on the chorus are woven together like a pristine quilt further elevating Grace’s airy yet powerful sound.

Currently celebrating massive streaming success, Grace is on an undeniable trajectory.

Listen to “Need You Back” below.

Sam Tompkins – “My Brother”

A healthy family unit is a beautiful thing. On “My Brother,” To The Point favorite Sam Tompkins releases a heartfelt tune that gives the listener a peek into his support system. Each parent and sibling has their role in which Tompkins finds common ground throughout the track, but it is his brother who he ultimately strives to be.

It is refreshing to hear such a positive narrative from a certified pop star. One of the tracks off his latest EP Who Do You Pray To, “My Brother” is a sentimental piece of art.

Listen to “My Brother” below.

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