TTPM Top Tracks of the Month

TTPM Top Tracks of the Month – Conor Maynard, Kyle Daniel, Carrie Underwood & Avril Lavigne

It’s all about the superstars this month… that is except for one emerging Country/Americana artist who is proving his potential. We have compiled a list of the top songs of March 2022 based on review readership. 

Conor Maynard – “Dance With Somebody”

Viral sensation Conor Maynard may be the exception to the “don’t cover an amazing vocalist because it will never be as good” rule. On “Dance With Somebody,” Maynard takes the Whitney Houston smash and makes it entirely his own. Marking 10 years since Houston passed, Maynard’s somber and powerful version of the iconic song is an emotionally driven masterpiece. Already a global star, it is easy to see why Maynard so easily connects to his fans through his digital presence and raw talent.

Listen to “Dance With Somebody” below.

Kyle Daniel – “Runnin’ from Me”

Kyle Daniel is, without question, terribly underrated. His voice is akin to one of those oddly satisfying videos, scruffy but weirdly satisfying. On “Runnin’ from Me,” he barrels through a story about self-awareness and addressing his own faults. “Thought I was runnin’ from the heart of the problem / But I was just runnin’ from me,” he crows. It’s rollicking, folk-rock heartbeat punches right through the rustic, groovy exterior. Roll those windows down, and crank up the stereo. It’s a helluva tune.

Listen to “Runnin’ from Me” below.

Carrie Underwood – “Ghost Story”

Carrie Underwood has unveiled her first release of 2022 with eerie “Ghost Story.” Featuring the quintessential Underwood sound with a spooky edge, “Ghost Story” finds the country superstar willing her presence to haunt an ex. Underwood’s vocal delivery is as flawless as ever as she passionately hits all the high notes. Underwood brings “Ghost Story” home when she dives into her lower register at the end of the track.

Listen to “Ghost Story” below. 

Avril Lavigne – “Kiss Me Like The World Is Ending”

We all need a little jolt of Avril Lavigne electricity. And how could she know what the state of the world would be in 2022? “Kiss Me Like the World is Ending” is the apocalyptic rager we all needed, a cathartic emission into the atmosphere. 

“Kiss me just like the world is ending / Give me one last perfect memory,” sings the punk icon. “I don’t want to say goodbye / Let’s meet up after we die / So kiss me just like the world is ending.” Guitars shatter the core, and if this is the end of things, we will at least go out on a wonderful high.

Listen to “Kiss Me Like the World is Ending” below.

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