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Review Roundup – AJA, Ben Dolic, Samuel Jack, Taylor Bini, Francisco Martin & dee holt x Chris James

It's all about pop music in this week's Review Roundup.

AJA – “Love At First Song”

It is mind blowing to us that AJA (Aja Neinstein) is a teenager. At only 17-years-old, the Canadian born artist is well ahead of the curve. On “Love At First Song,” the promising pop talent showcases her undeniable trajectory. Written by AJA, Jimmy McGorman (Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani, Goo Goo Dolls) and Grammy award-winning songwriter Will Champlin, “Love At First Song” has an clever hook which takes the seeming love song in a different direction. Written about connecting with a song on a deep level, the upbeat track highlights AJA’s impressive vocal ability.

We all have those songs that take us back to a place in time. Songs that we can’t help but cry over or belt at the top of our lungs. It is an emotional experience. AJA has captured that sentiment with wisdom beyond her years on “Love At First Song.”

Listen to “Love At First Song” below.

Ben Dolic – “Kissing Her, Missing You”

Slovenian singer-songwriter Ben Dolic, can’t kick an ex on new single, “Kissing Her, Missing You.” The catchy pop tune features a dance worthy beat and Dolic’s charismatic vocals. Reminiscent of superstars Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and Justin Timberlake, Dolic has quintessential mainstream appeal.

Dolic may be losing sleep over his ex on “Kissing Her, Missing You,” but his budding pop career is quickly picking up steam.

Listen to “Kissing Her, Missing You” below.

Samuel Jack – “Carry You Through”

Samuel Jack has unveiled a standout love song with new single, “Carry You Through.” The rythmic ballad features minimal instrumentation and Jack’s poignant delivery. Jack finds himself reassuring his lover that he will be steadfast through lifes ups and downs. The London based singer-songwriter’s stellar vocals are overflowing with emotion throughout the track. Jack’s r&b infused tone is elevated to its highest potential when he nails out of this world runs. His unbarred range is evident throughout the mid-tempo tune.

Listen to “Carry You Through” below.

Taylor Bini – “Rob Me”

Through dreamy soundscapes and raw vocals, Taylor Bini has found her sound on “Rob Me.” The AC infused tune finds Bini suffering over memories of her ex. It would be much easier to grieve and process an epic heartbreak if we could just erase our memories of that person altogether. Bini bears her soul on the ballad and brings the listener on an emotional journey right alongside her.

It is a difficult to do to fully express your feelings via vocal delivery, and Bini has mastered that art.

Listen to “Rob Me” below.

Francisco Martin – “Nobody Listens To Me!”

American Idol alum Francisco Martin is over it on “Nobody Listens To Me!” The angst filled delivery explodes out of Martin with force as he expresses his frustrations of feeling unheard. We all just want to throw in the towel sometimes, especially during the unchartered territory that the pandemic threw on our plates. Martin captures that sentiment and wraps it in pop-punk glittered paper.

A 180 from the soft sounds of “IF U NEED ME,” we are loving this new and distress driven version of the vocal powerhouse.

Listen to “Nobody Listens To Me!” below.

dee holt x Chris James – “Picture”

A pop bop if there ever was one. On “Picture,” rising pop artist Dee Holt joins forces with succesful streaming talent Chris James for an epic collab. The up-tempo track features Holt’s sugared tone and lighthearted lyrics. James’ takes on the second verse and brings his charming sound which pairs perfectly alongside Holt.

Overall, there is no reason why this track shouldn’t be a streaming giant.

Listen to “Picture” below.

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