Review Roundup

Review Roundup – Jacob Stelly x Slade Coulter, Wild Fire feat. Honey County, Loud Forest, NOA, Kid Travis & Saibh Skelly

Jacob Stelly x Slade Coulter – “Burnout”

There is no shortage of talent coming from Texas these days. Enter rising country rockers Jacob Stelly and Slade Coulter. The two artists are blazing up the red dirt scene and have teamed up for new collab, “Burnout.” Steady and simple, “Burnout” features Coulter and Stelly taking turns on lead as they deliver the relatable lyrics.

We’ve all been in circumstances where no matter how hard we tried, it just wasn’t good enough. Coulter and Stelly penned “Burnout” about never living up to their partner’s standards and ultimately, resorting to an ultimatum. Take me as I am or leave.

Listen to “Burnout” below.

Wild Fire feat. Honey County – “Like Home”

There is nothing like family harmonies. Sister duo Wild Fire has a vocal blend that could only come from sharing the same DNA on new single, “Like Home.” While only in their teens, sisters Kelli and Kayla Iutzwig already have a keen sense for songwriting. Written by Wild Fire and featured duo Honey County, “Like Home” is reminiscent of an early Taylor Swift country hit. 

While youthful in its message, “Like Home” takes the listener back to their glory days of all encompassing young love. Their soft and airy delivery is innocent and endearing while the two duos take on four part harmony.

Loud Forest – “Easy to Love”

Married duo Loud Forest get vulnerable on new single, “Easy to Love.” Due to childhood traumas or toxic experiences, sometimes hearts just harden to accepting love. Consisting of Rachel and Bernard Chadwick, Loud Forest’s Americana infused sound oozes over their authentic and delicate vocal delivery.

Thoughtful lyrics and soaring instrumentation make this track a standout. We are loving this duo’s genuine sound.

Listen to “Easy to Love” below.

NOA – “Spaces”

Dutch, Toronto born artist NOA is stuck in emotional warfare on new single, “Spaces.” The rising artist’s R&B infused vocals are effortless over simple pop production. Moving on from an epic love is tough, especially when the breakup is one-sided. NOA wrestles with her emotions throughout the track while the acoustic guitar remains steadfast under her vibrant voice.

Listen to “Spaces” below.

Kid Travis – “Violets”

Kid Travis never ceases to impress us. The emerging pop artist is consistently releasing exceptional tracks and “Violets” is no exception.

Travis’ charismatic vocal and delivery is on point during the happy-go-lucky song. We’ve said it before and we will say it again, Travis is destined for greatness and “Violets” is a must listen.

Listen to “Violets” below.

Saibh Skelly – “When You Love Someone”

We are thoroughly impressed by newcomer Saibh Skelly. Her debut EP, Undercover Heartbreak features a great selection of tracks including standout, “When You Love Someone.” A topic we have yet to hear in song format, the poignant new ballad is written by the point of a view of a mother trying to explain divorce to their child. The way Skelly strings lyrics together is reminiscent of the songwriting skills of Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran.

This track will certainly resonate with any parent or child of divorce.

Listen to “When You Love Someone” below.

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