Review Roundup

Review Roundup – Trey Duncan, Drew Schueler, KAIRO & Mokita

Trey Duncan – “Ten Track Heart”

Trey Duncan brings the energy on new single, “Ten Track Heart.” Duncan’s soul-infused rock sound is as impressive as it is catchy. Over soaring electric guitars, Duncan delivers the upbeat song complete with vocal growls and seamless runs.

Reminiscent of The Georgia Satellites “Keep Your Hands To Yourself,” “Ten Track Heart” has that nostalgic feel to it. Duncan delivers the lyrics finding himself unable to tame his energetic soul.

Listen to “Ten Track Heart” below.

Drew Schueler – “I’d Be Lying”

There are just some epic loves that we can’t quite get past. On “I’d Be Lying,” pop newcomer Drew Schueler’s greatest wish is to move on from an ex, yet he can’t help to question what if?

Schueler flips into his falsetto seamlessly throughout the thoughtful track as his vibrato lingers on the tip of his tongue. This rising artist is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Listen to “I’d Be Lying” below.

KAIRO – “Anymore Anyway”

Identical twin brothers are bound to have the best harmony EVER, right? Enter KAIRO, a Nigeria-born, Texas-raised twin duo whose acoustic style highlights their God-given ability to blend to perfection. Upon first listen, it would appear one voice was doing all of the parts in the driving ballad.

Comprised of brothers Ej and Ak, the duo has a pop-infused, singer-songwriter vibe that highlights their airy, effortless sound. On “Anymore Anyway,” KAIRO reflects on a lost love that is seemingly a different person now, altogether.

Listen to “Anymore Anyway” below.

Mokita – “Room For Another”

Nashville based producer and artist Mokita would give anything to find that special someone to share life with. The ethereal sounding track is simply put, beautifully written and delivered.

Mokita finds himself daydreaming about the person who is meant for him wondering if they are aching for the same thing. Companionship is something that we are meant to have in life. Without it, what is it all meant for?

Listen to “Room For Another” below.

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