Review Roundup

Review Roundup – Meredith Boyce, Lorelei Marcell, Zach Hood & Conor Maynard

Meredith Boyce – “Love Bug”

Meredith Boyce has a future as a hit songwriter. On “Love Bug,” the budding artist takes what could be considered a cheesy topic, and makes it intriguing and mainstream. The mid-tempo track has an adult contemporary vibe that incorporates jazz and alternative elements. Boyce’s soft and whimsical voice transport us to another decade.

The young talent diagnosis herself as being bitten by a “love bug” during the charming track as she recounts new love jitters.

Listen to “Love Bug” below.

Lorelei Marcell – “Need Me”

Electro-pop artist Lorelei Marcell documents an intoxicating romance on “Need Me.” Marcell questions her lovers loyalty during the upbeat song and needs her partners reassurance.

The pop songstress craves togetherness to ease her concerns throughout the quick, two-minute bop. While the lyrics find the artist in an insecure state, Marvell’s swagger and vocal confidence is quite the opposite.

Listen to “Need Me” below.

Zach Hood – “never knew a heart could break itself”

Zach Hood has all of the tools to become the next pop heart throb. On “never knew a heart could break itself,” Hood emotionally delivers the raw and honest lyrics. The acoustic track puts Hood’s impressive vocal chops on front street. Bearing his soul, Hood pines for his ex in a gut-wrenching ballad.

This song speaks for itself and is a must-listen. If this acoustic cut is any indication of Hood’s trajectory, he will be a star in no time.

Listen to “never knew a heart could break itself” below.

Conor Maynard – “P.G.N.L.”

Conor Maynard has once again delivered us a playlist’s dream song. On “P.G.N.L.,” Maynard has created his own abbreviation that any single woman named Layla may quickly utilize. Maynard is on a mission to take “pretty girl named Layla” home with him during the catchy track.

One of our favorite artists to cover, Maynard always delivers top-notch artistry. While “P.G.N.L” is more lighthearted and fun, Maynard can also crank out “deep” songs with the best of them.

Listen to “P.G.N.L” below.

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