Grace Kinstler – “Breaking Myself”

Grace Kinstler endured one of the greatest hardships of her life two years ago. After her father died, the storm of emotions was strong and merciless. Now, she shares her story with “Breaking Myself,” in which she swirls around a vintage pop dance floor. “I love you so, but it’s getting old / And I feel so cold / While we sit in this room that’s burning so slow, and so it goes / But I can’t save you from yourself / And I can’t let you go,” she  weeps with diamond tear drops. She embraces the raw nerves throbbing in her soul, yet she doesn’t stay pinned beneath them for long. She exorcizes the pain like demons that just won’t let her go. In honoring her father, she ultimately finds peace of mind for herself.

Listen to “Breaking Myself” below.

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