Review Roundup

Review Roundup – Doppe & Kokke, Ruelle & Gavin James

Doppe & Kokke – “Glad to be Alive”

Acoustic guitar strums as electro-pop track elements quickly emerge on Doppe & Kokke’s hopeful new single, “Glad to be Alive.” The upbeat song tackles the internal struggle that is life. It’s not always easy, but “when push comes to shove” Doppe & Kokke choose an optimistic outlook.

The duo delivers “Glad to be Alive” with confidence and authenticity. The Swedish duo, who now reside in Switzerland, fully embrace the EDM sound on the new release which is prime real estate for any club playlist.

Listen to “Glad to be Alive” below.

Ruelle – “In It”

Ruelle has a voice that is universally lovable. on “In It,” the Nashville based singer-songwriter unveils a catchy track about the hesitations of being vulnerable in a new relationship. Her infectious voice commands the commercial song as she goes toe to toe with the energetic track throughout.

Complete with plenty of hand claps and a down beat that hits at the perfect moment, “In It” is a synch publishers dream. It is no wonder that the seasoned talent has already had music featured in several smash tv shows.

Listen to “In It” below.

Gavin James – “Jealous”

Break ups are that much harder when one party seems to move on with no problem at all. On “Jealous” streaming sensation Gavin James yearns to know the trick behind moving on. The platinum selling artist’s dynamic voice forces the listener to empathize with him throughout the ballad.

James flips in and out of his falsetto as he emotionally sings the piano-driven single. It is no wonder why James is on his way to superstardom and we are absolutely on the bandwagon.

Listen to “Jealous” below.

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