Midland – “Life Ain’t Fair”

Human existence is a “carnival ride,” as country trio Midland depict in a new song. “Life Ain’t Fair” is lifted from the band’s new record, The Last Resort: Greetings From, and urges the listener that it’s “no good to despair” in hard times. It’s far better to let the ride go where it may, up and down steep inclines and taking hard-left turns. “Just like a funhouse mirror, in a blur goes one more year,” Mark Wystrach reflects with an icy heaviness. “And time is one thing your money can’t buy / So take your place in the freak show / Let go of things beyond your control / And enjoy the view from that big wheel in the sky.” It’s one of the hardest truths in life to swallow; one day at a time as they say.

Listen to “Life Ain’t Fair” below.

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