Review Roundup

Review Roundup – Liv Charette, Kyle McKearney, Forest Blakk & Kings Elliot

Liv Charette – “Red Flags White”

Doesn’t everyone need to sow their wild oats every once in a while? On “Red Flags White,” rising pop artist Liv Charette is ‘ignoring all the warning signs’ and giving into temptation. The upbeat track features retro elements that transport you right back to the 80’s. Charette’s clear and polished tone hits every marker of the beat-driven chorus while she welcomes a toxic ex back to her bed.

Within a crowded landscape, Charette has found her sound. The throwback vibe on “Red Flags White” seamlessly blends into todays pop playlists and we can’t get enough of the catchy bop.

Listen to “Red Flags White” below.

Kyle McKearney – “Grandfather”

Kyle McKearney has created the ultimate tribute to his grandfather on his upbeat new single. The anthemic release poetically transcribes his late grandfather’s advice on life into a Americana infused 4 minutes. McKearney’s signature vocal blend of country and rock is evident on “Grandafther” as he recalls memorable advice throughout his life.

The touching new song will instantly resonate with anyone who is or was ever close with a grandparent.

Listen to “Grandfather” below.

Forest Blakk – “Give You Love”

Canadian born singer-songwriter Forest Blakk is undeniably romantic on new single, “Give You Love.” The acoustic guitar driven track finds Blakk vowing to unconditionally love his partner through all of life’s twists and turns.

Blakk turned to music throughout his unconventional upbringing which helped him cope with an unstable household. The talented artist has forged his own path which is proving to be very prosperous. With more than 3 million monthly Spotify listeners, Blakk is well on his way to hit records.

Listen to “Give You Love” below.

Kings Elliot – “‘Til I Die”

Alt-pop artist Kings Elliot releases a twisted love letter to herself on new single, “Til I Die.” The ballad kicks-off with simply a piano Elliot’s stop you in your tracks vocals. The cryptic track steadily builds as Elliot emotionally sings about her past indiscretions. A very personal track for Elliot, “Til I Die” is a raw look into the London based artists struggle with mental illness. At the end of the day, we have to love ourselves faults and all. Elliot paints a vivid picture of her inner most thoughts like a wordsmith.

Listen to “Til I Die” below.

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