Review Roundup

Review Roundup – Estella Dawn, Saint Djuni, Amber Ryann & Kid Travis

Estella Dawn – “Cringe”

Estella Dawn is blurring the lines of contemporary pop music with new single, “Cringe.” Through production elements and stylistic touches, Dawn’s unique blend of pop and jazz is highlighted throughout the track. Dawn’s Amy Winehouse reminiscent sound shines through as she sings of a regretful relationship and is repulsed she was ever with that person to begin with. With her vocal ability on full display, “Cringe” is a powerful showcase of Dawn’s complete ability.

Listen to “Cringe” below.

Saint Djuni – “Drifter”

You can add us to the list of Saint Djuni’s fan girls. We can’t get enough of their optimistic pop sound and “Drifter” is another great example of just that. The anthemic track steadily builds as Saint Djuni members Clifford and Rasmus deliver an inspiring narrative. Soul and emotion ooze out of the lead vocal as he explores every avenue of his raw talent throughout the song. “Drifter” will instantly lift your spirits and get you ready to take on the world.

Listen to “Drifter” below.

Amber Ryann – “Liquid Courage”

Newcomer Amber Ryann has released a catchy pop track with an emo twist. “Liquid Courage,” finds Ryann with a false sense of security that is served up in a cocktail glass. Complete with a distortion mic, dark soundscapes and a driving beat, “Liquid Courage” is a guilty pleasure wrapped up in a 3.5 minute trip.

Listen to “Liquid Courage” below.

Kid Travis – “where did you go?”

Kid Travis is the KING of constantly releasing new music. Travis proves once again that he is incapable of releasing an ‘album cut’ with “where did you go?.” The streaming sensation takes a simple sentiment and puts a groovy pop spin to it on the upbeat bop. Throughout the track, Travis questions why his lover left him high and emotionally dry. With more than 2 million monthly Spotify listeners, Travis is sure to become a household name in no time and his latest release will only solidify his trajectory further.

Listen to “where did you go?” below.

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