Review Roundup

Review Roundup – Lockyer Boys, Jodi Valentin, 7000apart & Rosie Darling

Lockyer Boys – “LATKD”

There is a new pop duo on the scene and they aren’t just your average newcomers. Lockyer Boys, consisting of brothers Will and Charlie Lockyer, have all the makings to become your new teen obsession. On “LATKD,” an acronym for “like all the kids do,” the siblings deliver a youthful ear worm. The Lockyer brothers cleverly string together generational norms that will absolutely hit a nerve with today’s adolescents.

Armed with an innate ability to relate to their audience and a stylistic tenor sound, the duo is destined for stardom. They may only be teenagers now, but their lyrical content and sound will continue to refine as they gain life experience. We can’t wait to ride along.

Listen to “LATKD” below.

Jodi Valentin – “Why Did I Lose You”

Electro-Pop artist Jodi Valentin is battling an internal struggle with “Why Did I Lose You.” Wishing she could turn back time and re-asses the relationship in question, Valentin plays out every scenario throughout the song. Effortlessly flipping in and out of her falsetto, the upbeat track features dynamic production elements and Valentin’s delicate voice.

Listen to “Why Did I Lose You” below.

7000apart – “Player 2”

Husband/wife duo 7000apart deliver a dramatic ballad with “Player 2.” The ethereal track features Swedish artist Amelie on lead while her American born husband Jon serves as backup. Amelie’s polished voice reaches new heights throughout the song while she emotively questions what the point of a one-sided relationship is. The song reaches a crescendo on the bridge while the pair simultaneously come to terms with the inevitable end of a love that one partner so desperately wants to work. Amelie tackles the end of the track solo with just a piano and her raw, trembling voice.

The high school sweethearts met while Amelie was an exchange student in Wisconsin. After Amelie returned to Sweden, the couple started a creative project they called 7000apart referencing the 7,000 kilometer distance between them. After 3 years of long-distance dating, Amelie and Jon reunited and got married in 2016. Currently focused on creating new music and channeling their story for creative inspiration, 7000apart is certainly one to watch.

Listen to “Player 2” below.

Rosie Darling – “Golden Age”

The new generation faces an interesting and difficult challenge when it comes to human connection. With “Golden Age,” rising pop artist Rosie Darling wonders if she is wasting her youth. With so much focus on social media and not enough social and life experience, it is easy to waste away an afternoon in a digital binge. More and more people young millennials and Gen Z’ers are struggling with social anxiety and Darling is no exception. The mid-tempo song summarizes the angst and sentiment of many while Darling’s charismatic style delivers the thoughtful lyrics.

Listen to “Golden Age” below.

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