Review Roundup

Review Roundup – Lee Brice, Liv Charette, Iamnotshane, Jack Fargo, Olivia Penalva & BLEACHx

Lee Brice – “Soul (R3HAB Remix)”

Lee Brice is highly underrated in the world of Country music. In 2020, he released a song on his Hey World record entitled “Soul” and it is currently topping the Billboard Country charts. The undeniable ear worm highlights every incredible aspect of the star’s voice and is certainly bringing Brice back into the limelight.

Brice recently released a remix of “Soul” and it is an euphoric, electro-pop banger. With multi-platinum DJ R3HAB mixing the track and hot newcomer Blanco Brown taking on the 2nd verse, the new version is edgy enough to reach an entire new fanbase for Brice.

Listen to “Soul (R3HAB Remix)” below.

Liv Charette – “Game Over”

Rising pop artist Liv Charette is washing her hands of a toxic relationship on “Game Over.” The upbeat track features unique production elements that transport the listener back to their favorite throwback video game. Staying true to her distinct sound, “Game Over” has an 80’s flare that could easily fit on a Stranger Things soundtrack.

Charette doesn’t hold back on calling out all her ex lovers faults throughout the song. The viral TikTok artist is taking back her power and sounds great while doing it.

Listen to “Game Over” below.

iamnotshane – “Maybe My Soulmate Died”

The topic of “soulmate” is an interesting one. In a world of 7.75 billion people, finding the “one” person who was born to be your other half seems like a reach. On “Maybe My Soulmate Died,” viral Pop artist iamnotshane questions all of the scenarios where he may have missed the chance to meet his perfect partner. It’s a laid back, acoustic driven track that aligns great with the rest of his catalog.

Listen to “Maybe My Soulmate Died” below.

Jack Fargo – “Broke”

With inflation on the rise and wages not quite keeping up, being broke is a sentiment that many Americans can currently relate to. For Gen Z’s, trying to keep up with their societal norms is also not cheap. On “Broke,” newcomer Jack Fargo releases a lighthearted track that pokes fun at never quite having financial stability. It is relatable and witty and shows Fargo’s charismatic nature.

Listen to “Broke” below.

Olivia Penalva – “You Love It”

Olivia Penalva has met her person on “You Love It.” The mid-tempo track finds Penalva doubting how someone could find her quirks attractive. Throughout the song, the vocal powerhouse wishes she could see herself the way her adoring counterpart does. Lyrically, Penalva may be insecure on the new single, but the girl has some serious chops that should give her the boost of confidence she needs.

Listen to “You Love It” below.

BLEACHx – “My Friends Are a mEsS”

Pop queen BLEACHx is finding comfort in his crew on “My Friends Are a mEsS.” The upbeat song finds BLEACHx, otherwise known as Jeremy Thurber, in a dangerous cycle with likeminded, substance fueled friends. Featuring top notch production and fun lyrics, the new track is the perfect anthem for a party loving crowd. Even if the next day hurts like hell, at least they have each other.

Listen to “My Friends Are a mEsS” below.

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