Francisco Martin – “hate you to love myself”

Miley Cyrus was right; when heartache hits, it’s like a wrecking ball. In Francisco Martin’s case, he had to learn how to hate his ex in order to regain his sense of self-love and compassion. “hate you to love myself” rings with a sharp indie-rock buzz, finding Martin rooting around the translucent musical shell to dig further into the emotional winds of it all. “I was learning not to hate myself, and I’m sorry for the way I broke you down,” he belts. “I was living in a perfect world / Here’s to hoping it all works out / I was giving you the same excuses, but I’m trying how to change and figure it out.” Such an emotional confession is really all it takes for true healing to begin. It helps to have such an irresistible musical framework, too.

Listen to “hate you to love myself” below.

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