Review Roundup

Review Roundup – Trevor Phelps, Peyton Shay, Kahone Concept, Shantaia & Wyn Starks

Trevor Phelps – “Youth”

An acoustic guitar and trumpet are not two instruments we typically hear on a pop track. On “Youth” emerging pop artist Trevor Phelps comes to grips with growing up over a trumpet infused ballad. Unique production elements are incorporated throughout the track as Phelps struggles with finding his footing in the real world.

“Over the past year l made this album,” said Phelps on an Instagram post. “During that time, I was introduced to the real world, moved out of my childhood home and had to come to terms with all the change happening so fast.” The title track to his new album, “Youth” has a simple yet relatable message. Phelps has a massive amount of potential and this record is a great foundation for his bright future.

Listen to “Youth” below.

Peyton Shay – “Badder Than The Bad Boys”

We all have daydreams about our badass alter ego. On “Badder Than the Bad Boys,” 19-year-old pop artist Peyton Shay describes a viscous heart-breaker who finally decides to let her hair down. The rock-infused track is exhilarating and reminiscent of our favorite 90’s grunge pop songs.

Shay’s vocals are confidently airy as she introduces us to a father’s worst nightmare.

Listen to “Badder Than The Bad Boys’” below.

Kahone Concept – “No but Kinda”

Self-doubt can be a dangerous cycle. On “No but Kinda” multi-hyphenate Kahone Concept gives himself a pep talk. The software designer turned singer-songwriter and producer, passionately yearns for change within himself during the driving ballad. Kahone Concept has a crystal clear tone and delivers the anthemic lyrics with ease.

Listen to “No but Kinda” below.

Shantaia – “Hung Over You”

Canadian born singer-songwriter Shantaia is making her mark on the country format. On her latest single “Hung Over You,” the powerhouse vocalist is finally coming to terms with a breakup. Drowning your sorrows is certainly a way to mask emotions for a short time, but the root of the issue always surfaces. Shantaia starts the grieving process on “Hung Over You” over a mid-tempo, radio friendly track.

Listen to “Hung Over You” below.

Wyn Starks – “Who I Am”

Where in the world did Wyn Starks come from? From the first note, Starks stops us in our tracks on new single, “Who I Am.” As if the trembling first verse of the ballad wasn’t proof enough that the Minnesota bred artist is a unicorn, the chorus will certainly solidify it. Starks reaches unbelievable vocal heights on the show-stopping song that is destined to put him on the map. With full vocal control, Starks could undoubtedly shatter glass with his pristine pitch. We predict “Who I Am” will be met with many standing ovations and dropped jaws.

Listen to “Who I Am” below.

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